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Our friendly community that doesn't seem to mind helping each other at least with knowledge, and the site's team. I use one other client only for one specific script and everything else on here. And so far their community is crap, the site's team is trash in terms of doing their jobs and having things done when it should be, and 90% of their community doesn't know shit about botting and their scripts don't get updated as they should. "when will update be"(client wise i should mention).. "should be later today, usually this stuff is automated but if messes up we gotta do it manually so have to wait for guy to get online and fix it" someone replied can we get an approximation or eta, and the operations manager replied "some point today". that's such a broad statement and your team should be on it.


TL;DR: lil rant bout how bad other sites can be as well as showing appreciation to the osbot community lol

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