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battlerites anyone? cool game..cool game..

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Battlerites  -- good game, check it out. Free on steam. NO p2w.

This is moba with no creep farming or other waste of time activity. just jump straight to 2v2 or 3v3 battle and enjoy pure arena PVP (mix of League of legend @ wow arena)

Check it out on twitch to see how does it look when you start to go to ranked games..shit is intensive

If  we already have some players there, add me - GWL420 (i'm still noob level 35, but fuck havn't had this much hype for anygame in looong time! playing atleast couple matches every day haha)



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14 hours ago, smurfsup said:

Not a moba fan


14 hours ago, gptaqbc said:

Not a MOBA fan but I'll check it out when I get home. Thanks!

well, best and most populars MOBA's are considered LoL and Dota right?

if so, then in my expierence, this game have only 1 thing similar to those MOBA's -> those big teamfight when you go all in 2v2 / 5v5 etc.  the way you use abilities, how fast they recharge, energy system, ulti system, all those thing are way different.
there is no items to buy to change your play style. no much object to focus / control on. no big map to run around wasting time. and A LOT of skill involved.

Controls are absolute different then in most MOBA's - you control with WASD - Mouse 1/2 buttons / Space -- Q -- E -- R -- X1 and X2 abilities. Way more dashing / jumping / aiming ETC.



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