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Al-kharid Warrior script (kebab and range support)

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This is a script that just farms the Al-kharid Warriors , many like it this was just my take on it. 

This one has a few extra's that i liked when using it.

Definitely not a perfect script, alot of redundancies in the code, just the way i wrote it im new to scripting, i made all the paint myself, ironically in Microsoft paint. 

Runs fairly well, i started this all as just a learning experience, practice project, but the more stuff i added the better it got.  You can literally start this script right off tut island and it will run(attack warriors in combat) 

 This is just for f2p, if you want any features added, or the script altered for your personal tastes i could do it for a small fee, as i was originally going to try and potentially sell the script. i just kind of lost interest in it.

Food Selection:



Bank mode : This bot will use Food selected from the combobox on the Gui for eating, it will automatically walk to the bank when you run out of food to replenish.

Kebab mode: Will walk to karim and buy an inventory full of kebabs before returning to fight, forever. until the end of time. (in a perfect world)


Npc Selection: 


You can alter which npc's you will target in the Gui to ; Warriors that are NOT in combat (safer less pissed off people), warriors that ARE in combat (Good for low levels who can't take many hits), or just ANY 'ole warrior

Eat Selection:


You can set the percentage to eat at , the bot will randomize that number -5%\+5% will set a new number each time it eats.

Loot Selection : 



Can loot Arrows (and equip them) , but it will be the arrows selected in the combo box at the Gui launch. The type of arrow can not be changed after the script starts, but whether you want to loot them or not can be toggled afterwards.

 The same applies for Coins, this is mainly for kebab buying, so you never run out of food, but this also helpful because there is a scimitar shop nearby that sells up to mithril scims, at around 1040ish gp. It will loot coins until it reaches 2,000 (easily changed in the script) or until you toggle it off


World Hop:


Will world hop if certain things are said in chat, definitely not a solid antiban, but i PERSONALLY liked it, after botting a while i would scroll up through the chat and see certain things in the chat that could get you banned easily, like your name over and over again lol..

Door Opener:


Will open the damn door if its closed lol. easy and simple enough.

Random crap dropped: 


Sometimes you end up with random crap in your inventory, will just drop it on the ground.



There are TWO tabs in the paint, toggled on the bottom bar where "trade" and "clan" are usually at. you can switch views or hide them both to see chat.

Item tab:  Shows arrow type selected, the amount you currently have, and the amount you've gained or lost since running the script.

The amount of kebabs you have , and total purchased.

The amount of coins you have, and when it will stop (hard coded to 2000)

Stats tab: Has the current status of the bot, the run time, and experience bars that have some information on them, time till level , xp gained, xp/hr etc..

if you click the picture of the warrior, it will highlight the nearest warrior orange, and the one you are interacting with green.

Screen shots:





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