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Is there not a way to check what inputs the client is making? Just based on the way it reads it seems like it wouldn't, but that's probably not helpful. If there's a way to get key presses in the api itself, you could potentially make a script that logs every time up arrow is pressed. Then just set the camera already to the top and run the script with camera.toTop(); added to it and see. :shrug:

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2 hours ago, Lemons said:

If I'm not mistaken, the highest pitch is 67. So if you wanted to be 100% sure, you could do:

if (getCamera().getPitchAngle() < 67) {

That being said, the Camera.toTop() method most likely already does this check.

He was asking whether it would or not without if conditions, I don't why he couldn't just use one, but yea.

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