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Just curious to know what my zerk is currently worth in osgp/paypal, not a finished product and is a little scuffed but definitely a decent hand done account which will be maxed eventually.

stats: https://gyazo.com/c350e971432a0ede5726a0bb3e5d1929 - taken a screenshot to show only important stats, cant trace username on highscores. 

quests: https://gyazo.com/9c5abb7ad845a5eb0a66baaf7c96532d - 130 QP W rune gloves, not far off barrows gloves. Does have DT completed.

account at the moment has 10m worth of supplies, (tabs/runes/pots/food) along with 10m worth of sets, mystic/rune.

This account also has firecapes, 10 rune defenders stocked and much more!

I plan on 94 mage, 99 range 94 strength.

I may be looking at selling the account with claws, and 50m worth of supplies which would make this more desirable for a pker..


Note: the account has 0 Bans and I'm OO




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definitely wont be looking at selling anything until far beyond 100 post count :) just would like to see how the account is going, I think I may have buggered it with 45 def and only at rune gloves, but regardless if gets 46 defence from barrows gloves I'll turn the account into a 70 defence max with rigour ect so idm


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