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Stealth Client? Safe?


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Sorry this is probably an obstructive question but I have this script that copys NPC Spawns to JSON format that I need for a project I am working on, I was wondering if I would get banned just by the client itself? Not sure if its detectable, not sure on the status of OSRS. 


This would be something worth having a page dedicated too BTW.


'This bot currently is undetectable' or versa. 


Basically just wanna make sure I am not going to get banned just by being on the client. I don't think my script will get me banned. 

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No bot is completely undetectable, anyone making this claim is lying. There's always a risk, but for what you are asking it's a very, very small chance. In the future please only ask about "ban chance" questions in the Botting and Bans section of the forum. These types of questions attract tinfoilers and conspiracy who base results on a little more than a hunch (at best). We like to keep all the misinformation and toxicity in one place.

Best of luck!

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