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Outstanding pay for my research service.


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The member in question asked me to find this verse in the Koran in exchange for 10 Mill Old-school. I have rendered the service and am yet to receive my 10M. I have a degree in anthropology and have extensive knowledge of religious scripture. My service is niche and very valuable. As you will see from the evidence I have been scammed and then wrongly insulted. Thank you for taking action on this issue. As you can see I appreciate the value of time. 


And here he actually admits he scammed me:

As other members in the group kindly pointed out, I have not said anything racist at all. The guy has scammed me and then insulted me.


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We're not going to enforce him to give you 10mil because:

 You qouted a verse from the quran without any context and implied that the verse supports the notion/view of Islam not being a peaceful religion.


If we get technical, the verse says 'fight' but fighting does not always have to be physical it could be intellectual also. You don't know the context to the verse yet you say you read religious scriptures and mainstream religions. Why qoute an empty verse without knowing the context to it?

Anyone can do that even I Can


Let me do it right now



I can do that too, and the reason I wont go and search for hundreds of bible passages or old testament passages or any other religious scriptures which promote violence is because I don't know the context to the verses and neither do you.


Yes he might have said he'd give you it but it was obviously tongue in the cheek because you probably offended him.

If you want to learn the context to the verse you qouted I suggest you go to a educated mainstream respected scholar and not literally translate quranic text and interpret it into your own way.


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