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Is it possible to run more than 1 account in the same world?

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Related to this topic is also my issue.

Do you have any ideas how I could bypass 'log in limit exceed from your address' error when logging in runescape? Currently my bots are located in different worlds, but when mule calls them they hop to mules world and trade over what they have made. I don't use proxies (cutting down on them expenses) and that seems to be the problem because some bots get kicked out of the game and can't get back in because of the connection limit. I have one mule on 20 - 30 accounts though. Any known bypasses?

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On ‎04‎/‎07‎/‎2017 at 1:57 AM, Bhombdabs said:

i am trying use 2 accounts on the same world and its saying that login limit is exceeded and too many connection from this address.


i remember when i was using this client in the past i could use multiple accounts simultaneously 

it is possible but I would advise to use different worlds and different bots at the same time. Less likely for your IP to get picked up on the bot detection system, but not always the case 50/50 chance of still getting detected, just try logging in at the same time, that works, or just keep logging back in after getting those errors it will work eventually. 

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