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4 minutes ago, acke195 said:

Thanks for your input :)

Probably won't get mithril gloves :3


Mith gloves are real easy to get in fact here's a trick buy Stealth Quester and it will get them for you ;) don't level the defence I don't think it's worth it if you're making a pure, unless you go zerker or maybe initiate?

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If you're planning to be a strength "pure", then definitely not. Getting hit by monsters will be inconsequential to you depending on what kind of pure you are and training methods specific to certain builds. If you need to ask this kind of question, it may be preferential to play as a "main" to build up more experience and a nice cash stack if either of those are an issue, as a maxed main will allow you to do plenty more than a maxed pure ever will(you can still pvp on a maxed main).

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