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Dispute - Kaii / Runescapegoldmarkt

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Disputed member: @Kaii / Runescape goldmarkt

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Explanation: I was actively selling gold to the site through i can only presume his workers, I had been paid for 547.85m for $547.85 in two payment transactions for 6 total trades with them/their customers direct. All seemed to be going well when I was asked for another 54.09m ($54.09) I gave the customer this after confirmation on the screen, then they both (Alex & Dan) become unresponsive on the chat, and left 1 by 1 not long after. I check in twice later on only to be told by Eric that he can't send a payment to me, and then links me an email address to contact the owner. I've not wrote an email because I shouldn't have to. This isn't how it works. Though I don't necessarily think I've been scammed, raising a dispute is the quickest way to get a resolution. (And fyi - for anyone else reading, this is why you always screen record selling gold to anyone.)

Evidence: Will the mod reviewing this case PM me direct - I'll provide you with a video link I recorded it all. The chat, trading the gold and so on. I'd rather not leak my credentials, my RSN, their customers RSN's etc.

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