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whats considered good for f2p

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Like money making wise u can do fresh off a lvl 3. I think i found a way (not gonna say), u buy said item overnight make into something with enough its about 250k-300k an hr only req is gp. Still playing with it to see if i can crash the market on it alone before i make it into a script. Do f2p methods usually die fast? Is this something thats worth it to make into script with the only real req is to wait for items to buy overnight/ throughout the day or should i just stick with the same shit everone else does

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3 minutes ago, Kid Lethal said:

I make 1.5m almost daily on 3 accounts that come fresh off the island and immediately begin the process. Can't tell what I do sorry but it's possible.

Look for uncommon and or less known methods of making any amount of gp (50+) and use multiple accounts to get the profit.

i can do this fresh off tutt but it works better 24 hrs after being off. 3 accounts would be 2.1m lil more maybe if it ran smoothly. i couldnt bealive i found this method think im gonna make myself a script for it make it easier

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