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Need SKilling Done

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Please don't post xp per gp rates without also adding it up for me and telling me the whole price. Please do not post your skype or ask me to pm you without posting your price first. If u do I will ignore you.

to contact me quote this topic or pm or add my Skype Lucki.OsB


44-70 cooking

26-53 theiving

10-50 mining

36-50 woodcutting


34-40 crafting

20-40smithing(if u want to quest it that's fine)


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1 minute ago, Simple79001 said:

thiev = 5114160 5.2m

mining = 610450 + 3078950 9.1m

woodcut = 1530360 1.5m

Agil = 4081350 4.1m

craft = 400k

smith = 1m

herb = 1m

Top offer is 18m by @JackBN i didn't add yours up all the way but it was around 21m i think? If u want to match his offer?

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