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Want To Swap 90 Str Obby! For F2P PURE!

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1 minute ago, YuhhMauls said:

Still don't know why u have to comment. Pretty sure you had to start of some how.

Yeah, in normal forums.

My first post on Osbot wasn't trying to trade an account with 1 post count and 0 fb on this forum.

You didn't even link any other of your forum accounts.

Nobody would do a trade with you with your current stats anyway, sounds like a scam or recovery waiting to happen.


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I dont actually believe acc trading or selling is allowed without 100p/c other forums do have some credibility but then also that would have to be verified and investigated. STILL 100 post count is necessary. 


as for we all started out somewhere, yeah we did in the forums getting required post count and by being a member of the community before you try and prosper off of it.

8 hours ago, YuhhMauls said:

Ok, Cool? but what i am offering is not to sell. and if i was to Recover the other person could to, so it really wouldn't make sense for me to do that. Thanks for your input please get off my Thread.

and thats not always true on how the acc was made then what happens if you ruin the pure and recover yours. alot more goes into this, than just well theyre safe what if you get it banned and want yours back. plz at this point just kick rocks. we have rules follow them and stop trying to find loopholes, seems like you are already starting off down a slippery slope. if you make the community not like you from the get go you will never get a trade or a sell. 

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20 hours ago, YuhhMauls said:

Looking to swap my Obby Maul for a 40 Attack 1 Defence 1 Prayer F2P Pure, They are the Requirements, and if u even have 2 Pray i will not be interested! they must have decently high stats!






Why not just get it 40 attack. You hit higher  at 90 str with 13 prayer then you do do at 99 str no prayer and you'll be higher cb also with that build. Plus it's your own account so it's safe or you'll take the risk down the road if possible recovery

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