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Defence pure Firecape request (Serp helm method) WITH PRAYER.

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1 hour ago, ExoticQuester said:

Title pretty much explains everything.


I'm looking for someone to get me a firecape on my Defence pure.


It's 1 attack, Str, Mage & Range. (I also expect the stats to remain that way)

75 Defence & 75 Prayer.


Serp Helm method.


Leave prices, 07 or $ Prices. Thank you.

I can help you. Price would be 50-60M 07 or $60-70 usd

Hit me up via skype live:zuzel14 or via website www.sparta.rs

1 hour ago, Zerker said:

I can middle man the trade if you decide to use someone untrusted.


But on topic.

@zuzel111 not sure if this user does these type of capes

Yeah I do, thanks for recommendation and tagging me

50 minutes ago, Montana of 300 said:

Thanks for recommendation!

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