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Regular Ironman Pricecheck

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Im looking for a pricecheck of my Regular Ironman, Im doubting if I should sell it or not.


Things worth noting are:

-Full graceful

-Can collect Implings in Puro Puro(Has ~30 impling jars)

-Has a Dragon Scimitar

-Royal Trouble done for Seed farming in Miscellania

-Ghost Ahoy done for Ecto Prayer leveling

-Fally/Ardy/Varrock Easy diaries done

-Fairy Tail P1 done

-100% Hosidius and Arceeus Favour

- ~30 pray pots banked, ~30 energy pots banked, tabs with herb gear/farm resources

-Has rune platebody and legs, full green d'hide(no vambs)

- ~250 nature runes in the bank, ~150 law runes in the bank

- 87QP, MM1/Heroes Quest/Animal Mag/ Underground Pass/Royal Trouble/Holy Grail all done




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