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Firecape Service!


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 I've had a firecape service for over 1 year almost now on a swedish facebook page and i have sold over 100 capes. I want to try selling it here on this forum aswell.

All capes will be streamed on my twitch.

100% legit service.

Over 100 capes done on osrs, so i know what im doing. (More capes has been done in pre-eoc aswell)

I do not need best in slot items to do it, it's just much faster if you can afford better gear.

75+ range are recommended for fastest service.

If ur below 75 range i will take a little more for the service.

Stats that are available atm: any def level, any range level.

Cheap prices, just give me a PM.

The picture im using is what im using on the facebook page. (will change the text asap to english)

I pray flick the whole cave until wave 63.

Only taking osrs gp as payment atm.

I am gonna attempt my first 1 pray fire cape in 2 weeks then include it to my service.

Terms of Service:

1. If I fail your cape, i will redo it with my own supplies.

2. You may not log in on the account while im doing your cape.

3. I am not responsible for bans/rollbacks during and after the service is done.

4. Change your password asap when im done with your cape.

5. I will never go first.

6. Payment is refundable before the service starts.

7. I have 24 hours to complete your cape. They are usually started right away.

Tos of osbot still applies:  http://osbot.org/forum/topic/55805-global-osbot-terms-of-service-must-read/




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