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The job

You will be required to walk from lumbridge to ardougne, obtain 1-5 thieving from men, 5-20 from the cake stall (banking all food), then from level 20, steal 2,000 pieces of silk, and bank all.

The account will be level 3, with no combat experience, FRESH off tutorial island. I expect no combat experience to be gained.

This is to be hand trained ONLY - If the account dies and loses the HCIM status, you will refund me the cost of a bond. if the account is banned within 7 days of you completing the order you will also refund me the bond (note - after you complete the order, the account will be left to idle for ~7 days to ensure no bans, I will not be playing it in this time.)


I'm looking for a trusted user with plenty of feedback, just because I really can't be bothered dealing with potential banned accounts, refunded bonds and potential disputes.. 


Paying with 07 Gold or UK Bank Transfer. (Prefer to pay in 07, it's just easier)

Post your prices below, or add me on Skype (live:exoticquester)


Thanks for your time.


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3 minutes ago, Aggre said:

Your word against a servicer, who says you're idling it for 7 days? Wouldn't make sense if you want the bond back when its banned, but you're gonna waste half of it idling it :???:

No bots and there's no issues, pretty simple. Will be pretty clear if the account isn't be idled for 7 days.. Highscores.. etc etc, I don't really care for the cost of the bond, I just want an account with the above job completed through a legit process. It's just to deter scammers/plebs.

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