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Tehgousch botting account and pures

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Hello here is where I will list accounts for sale / order


66 mage 40+ hp 6,5m

Currently only make if it gets ordered


33 mage accounts 1m


Tut island account (hand done) 250k ea (min order 4)

will be making those over time, will not make 20+ per order


40 mining 1m

30 smithing 4,5m (will come with 13-14 day membership 1,5m if you already have account


Waterfall accounts (30 att 30 str and witches house done) 4m  13-14 day member (1m if u already have account)


registerd accounts 10k ea




f2p pures (40 att 70 str 60 range) 30m


60 att 70 str 20m (25m if quested for dscim)


def pures

40 def 5m

60 def 50m

70 def 100m

75 def 150m


can do pretty much any account build except for quests, but if needed i got some people i can team up with who can do the quests

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