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I'm not sure if this is even in the right section so if it isn't mods feel free to move it.

So I know this is different for everyone but I'm fairly new to this any currently doing some solo work but can anyone help me out with average prices for everything? I know that's a lot but I really just need some help. Like prices for gp/xp for skills and prices for mini games and quests etc so I kinda know how to price myself based off of it. I know I'm probably asking too much but I would really appreciate the help. Thanks guys!

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nmz (between 5-12) around 8-10 is average 

range about the same 

prayer maybe 2-6 gp per exp (they supply bones)

mage 6-8 gp per exp for alching

skipping some skills

thieving around 15 gp 

rc 20-25?

mining around 7-13 gp? just guessing

fishing around 6


all those stats are from the top of my mind and they are rough estimates





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The higher the reputation the more you can charge.

Best is to take a look at other service threads to get a first view what others charge.

Btw I am in need of A LOT of quests for runescape3.

If you are interested hit me a pm or join the chatbox(prefered) and pm me there.

Good luck

What quests you looking for
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