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Zulrah ready main


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Combat is around level 100, blocked some stats for my own safety, main ones are that its zulrah ready and can be started right away with void already on the account, message me on here or skype to discuss


my skype: Elijahmichaels@outlook.com








2) ed73c4f81dbecff4fb08210031e36bf4.png





3) Void range/mage ready for zulrah, ava's, slayer helm



4)  028f15b7f0fedf8cff5722d9e029698c.png



5)The price you will be starting bids at - 5M


6) Not sure on autowin yet


7) RSGP or Paypal depending


8) You go first


9) 81fe12a1d81734b586e1f676793e4d89.png


10 ) OO is a friend in real life, doesn't play and won't return if recovered I'll refund or get account back.

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