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Private Script Sales - WARNING


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We've made this announcement in the past but it seems the rules are difficult to find. 


What the OSBot Staff will NOT do:


1. Provide support for breaches of contract; exceptions are detailed below.
2. Review any script code for viruses or remote shutdowns (which stop the script from working).
3. Test the script for functionality, or review any part of the code.
4. Look into cases where a private script is leaked/re-distributed.
5. Read any correspondence outside of OSBot. This includes Skype, Discord, Facebook, or any other third-party communication. 

OSBot Staff will disregard any dispute regarding private scripts if the scripter you've hired is NOT an official scripter (S1/S2/S3).


What the OSBot Staff Will do:


1. Look at cases where a member was infected by a private script. Remember that the Staff won't review your script unless out of courtesy. Hire someone to review your code if you don't know how.

2. Look at cases where either party was clearly scammed; reviewed on case-by-case basis.


--Clear Scam: Scripter takes payment and doesn't deliver the script
--Clear Scam: Scripter delivers the script and is not paid
--Clear Scam: Script does not function at all, (can't complete a full cycle of the task)

--Not Clear: Script performs task, but fails after X minutes
--Not Clear: Agreed upon script feature is broken, but overall script works
--Not Clear: Terms of Service/Agreement not met

3. Look into cases where a private script is being sold multiple times (general rule of thumb would be 3 or more sales).

Overall use your best judgement and get recommendations from friends. Use the feedback system to report good and bad experiences, that's what it's there for. 

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