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Magic Training


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If it was any one of my other account I would, but the particular one I would rather not risk it.

literally no chance of you getting banned using an auto clicker on an osbuddy client, so long as only one account is logged in on your ip, if you wish to pay for something you can do in your sleep, by all means :p

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how many 90+ magic accounts do you have/have had





now tell me how you have more


and i'm not saying you're wrong lol, just suggesting a safer (in my opinion) method, please don't be so defensive, if it worked for you, great! smile.png

why dont you two pm each other a time and place to circle jerk and quit spamming this thread over useless shit

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it does. Literally everyone i know with veng got it by doing this, I've gotten 20m magic xp myself. Antiban will get you banned when it comes to this, the reason it's not banned is because of how many players have always done it.

This is the stupidest explanation of anything i've ever seen.


If this is all that matters why does it matter if you use osbuddy or the OSRS client


100s of thousands of users bot since the start of the game. 


Saying that if more people start using a cheat or exploit then the mass shouldn't get banned would be retarded.


auto clickers can get you banned.


OT: http://osbot.org/forum/topic/108324-

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I'll do it for 11m - you supply whats needed I'll do it by hand... don't see why people are bitching about it. mine works out at like 1.5gp per xp (you have like 7.2m xp between 70/94. 


my offer is there. I don't have a great amount of feedback but regardless I'm still trustworthy. 



As for supplies. 

It would depend on what you wanted doing. 


111,000 High Alches. breaks down as 30m for 111k nature runes. 11m from Maple Longbow (u) but from alching them you'd get 10.2m back so including service it would be 41.8m 


There's also Ape Atoll Teleport 98,000 teleports are needed, + a steam battlestaff - 21.1m for laws, 300/500k for staff + 10m for 20k Banana (5)'s (for teleport) - total cost including service would be 42.6m 


that's just a couple of options. If you want it done a certain way I'm also up to doing that. 


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