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jordanmcross took my 1 mil items and got 2 def


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Disputed member: jordanmcross

Thread Link: no thread was on skype

Explanation: i msg him about my gmauler account yesterday i was tryi g to sell it to him for 5$ ( i know im not suppose to i got a warning and am no longer trying to sell ) he said can i check it out so i gavce him the login info... i had 1 mil worth of ranarrs on the account... i woke up this morning to see everything in my bank was gone ( 1 mil ) and the fucker got my account 2 defence .... for what reason? i dont know i didnt do nothing to this kid and was actually being nice to him

Evidence: i got skype logs and a pic of my 2 defence i hope thats enough also he blocked me on skype








ps. if u think u gain something because im mad about the 2 defence im not mad... im just mad at what the runescape community has come to now that is so SAD

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Bro i told him i didnt do that shit when i logged into the account it was a shit mauler with no money he said he needed money do what you want to me but i didnt do it, either way i will not lose sleep at night.  Now all of a sudden its -1m and has 2 defence, there was no wealth on account when i logged on last night.

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i botted chaos druids last night got 100 ranarrs and dwards and mith bolts worth 1m idc he took that he just got me 2 def thats what i care about i told him login and pass and didnt change it till later after i noticed the 2 defence

Do you have any pictures to prove that it wasn't 2 def before you gave him it?

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??? yo wassup can we get this resolved


sadly i dont as i gave the rsn to the user to check it out on highscores.... i know i may lose this dispute and i really dont care ... just gonna be alot smarter using the market now so i dont get scammed or fucked over again thanks for the help though.

Closed due to insufficient evidence.

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