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Khal Tithe Farm

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About Khal Tithe Farm



Best bot ever. Hate the minigame. Got all items in 2 days, good for active farming xp after all uniques purchased.

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Bottled my alt account from 50 to 71 so far, only thing I can say is to have enough water cans for the bot, other than that I ran 20 plants and had no issues.

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If you dont want to run around the muddy farm yourself, get this script 8 dollars to save a load of time.

Perfect script 

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Perfect script worked very well with all gamemodes, all features were working perfectly, never experienced any issues on multiple accounts 34-80+ farming

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Loved using this script. got two of my account almost to 80 farming in no time!

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Used the trial Khal gives to people to try out his script, loved it so much I wanted to have it for my own. 100% recommend it.

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I recently purchased this script, and I must say it is amazing! The script runs incredibly smoothly and flawlessly, without any noticeable bugs or glitches. I would give it a 5/5 rating - it's fire!

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85-99 farming done in 1 go on the UIM. Good script and does not fail a run.

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Was very efficient with very little chance to mess up the script's process.

Unlocked all of my Tithe rewards with ease. It doesnt run the path that I use, and the choices for the patches on the far side dont make too much sense to me (the pathing isnt mirrored from the other side, it walks in a out of the way path).


Definitely worth it, farming sucks, and tithe farming manually does even moreso.

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Works as expected with no issues at all, been using it to do a few runs a day on my ironman. Using mirrored mode I have no issues doing 20 seeds at a time

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Works great, got me from 40-90 farming in no time and on my way to 99. Definitely makes the farming grind a lot more bareable compared to traditional and is a lot faster imo.

Did have one issue with the script not realising the player had logged in so it would stay with the red tint and not proceed with the script. Think it might be something to do with logging out inside the minigame instance or smth. Regardless only had it happen once or twice randomly and I think it's more of a mirror-mode/client issue so not much the script can do to help it.

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