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  1. wow that's so confusing to new users ! thanks guys so helpful it worked !!!
  2. i dont know what you mean by both sides :L! sorry im putting these in and they dont work for me ? picture below https://imgur.com/WhpqhB7
  3. am i doing something wrong,, thanks!
  4. thanks for the reply mate, so if i have my own VIP proxy 3rd party i dont have to worry about putting anything in on osbot proxy,, thanks !
  5. I've put my host and port it still says proxy settings are not supported yet,,, maybe because I have VIP activated it wont work ?? thanks again
  6. i put my host in put how do i find my port number, also with user and password do i put osbot login or just random one ? thanks
  7. thanks for the reply token,, i understand how to get into the settings but what im stuck with is how do i transfer my data onto the proxy settings, feel like such a nooooob thanks again !
  8. i am pritty new to osbot dont understand how i add a proxy on to it, i have my own proxy that i use.... do i still have to put proxy on the launcher if i have my own allready? thanks !!
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