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  1. You could save the prices of what you're going to loot in onStart.
  2. You can use this to get item prices: Then you would need to make some sort of listener that tracks changes in your inventory. For example store current items in your inventory every time you perform a loot action and then you can use this information to calculate the value. Maybe there's a better way to do it, not sure.
  3. You are probably testing on a brand new account, high ban chance.
  4. Hi, I want to begin adding a custom API to scripts I make so I made a seperate project in IntelliJ, created a .jar file and added it as a library to my main project. The problem is when I try to start my script after doing this it instantly stops. When I remove the .jar it works again, so this is what's causing my script to stop. Anyone else had this problem? Am I doing this incorrectly?
  5. Skimmed over it, you're using conditional sleeps and following Java conventions which are requirements to upload a script to the SDN (and get Script Writer) which is good. Could use some organising though. Maybe put data in a seperate class and in a seperate package. Put your Sleep and WidgetActionFilters in a seperate package and perhaps use a task or node based system so you can seperate sections of the script such as the mining section, fighting section, bank section and so on.
  6. When using getWalking().webWalk(Area) from inside the Stronghold of Security to Varrock West bank it doesn't teleport to Varrock even though I have the runes in my inventory. I read teleports are enabled by default so why isn't it using them? Or do I have to enable them first?
  7. I searched through the SDN but the free ones weren't working, so I made one myself. Make sure you have an Amulet mould in your inventory. I've ran it for an hour twice but didn't take a picture, I might add a progress report later (you are free to post yours as well of course). Download link http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=42385377592917125400 Source
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