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  1. i supose thats better but im sure theres better things out there with a less ban rate?
  2. im defo not looking to bond an account to pick flax haha
  3. 30m OSRS gold 0.70/m skype; pkpureee@live.co.uk
  4. okay thanks, is there a section i can use for it?
  5. i have 40m osrs gold i'd like to sell could i get a price check is so please
  6. hey how did you make your quest thing scroll using gyazo? let me know please
  7. Account still has 11days membership ^ ^ also NO REGISTERED EMAIL Let me know price checks please
  8. athylus by any chance do you have a trout fisher that banks? ive done a few yew bots already they work ok i guess dont last too long though
  9. have you tried this yourself? if so howmuch did you make before a ban ect?
  10. awsome zulrah account! pet goals ahaha
  11. ill give it a try for sure any chance of sending me the link?
  12. yeah i also have a few accounts from osrs release that got banned due to botting, would be cool if i could get them unlocked
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