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    CCNA Networking, SQL, Windows/Linux based servers, custom computer modifications, games :)

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  1. probably to late but you might want to black out your name at least?
  2. This script is going to be free. aww comon make it $5 ATLEAST man I've added a poll. cheers, only saying it cos why should people with 85 slay be able to camp abby demons with guth for free He could add a Pro version for full use and a lite version with blacklisted area's.... I know I certainly can't afford to be paying out money to scripts when I still haven't paid off my OSAP.
  3. This would be a great idea... I'm sure people would love the idea of being able to fight other NPCs in the area This as well... ID's change all the time so it's hard to find a reliable ID lsit
  4. jack2727


    Would make me sad panda if this became a paid script... but life goes on
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