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I made my own alching script, but it is just an autoclicker. I wanted this so that it could have a failsafe, for example with a regular autoclicker it sometimes stops working at level up. How would I be able to, for example, check if the character is not doing the alch animation for x amount of time, or any other way to check that I'm not alching? Thanks!

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You could just check if the player has not gained magic exp for x amount of time.


How would I do this? Right now what I am using is checking nature runes, if the amount doesn't go down after 20 checks then open the magic spellbook. It doesn't work for me though, here is the code:

alchAmount = inventory.getAmount("Nature runes");


        alchAmount1 = inventory.getAmount("Nature runes");


        if (alchAmount == alchAmount1){


        } else {

            i = 0;


        if (i == 20){

            if(getTabs().getOpen() != null && !getTabs().getOpen().equals(Tab.MAGIC)) {



            mouse.move(rectangleDest, true);

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