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Simple table interaction snippet

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 I was really bored one night and decided to do something productive and came up with this.

 public boolean interactWithTableItem(GroundItem tableItem, String action, int tableHeight) throws InterruptedException {
        Point p = org.osbot.script.rs2.utility.Utilities.getScreenCoordinates(bot, tableItem.getGridX(), tableItem.getGridY(), tableHeight);
        int height = (int) tableItem.getMouseDestination().getBoundingBox().getHeight();
        int width = (int) tableItem.getMouseDestination().getBoundingBox().getWidth();
        return selectOption(null, new RectangleDestination(p.x - width / 2, p.y - height / 2, width, height), action);

It seems to work well on small items like pots,garlics and books. Didn't test on anything bigger.


You can get the table height by using:

RS2Object table = closestObjectForName("Table");
int height = table.getModel().getHeight();

Not sure if that is the right value but it should be something around 100-125 for most tables/crates etc.

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