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p Got banned


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Ok so I am not sure how they caught me, but I got banned earlier this week running fruity NMZ on an account I haven't played recently but had a lot of stats and other quests etc. (basically my main) and I only ran it for like a day or two and got banned, my next account just started DMM and I botted thieving in the beginning, maybe max 8 hours total or something, then i did some questing , then i moved on to betting agility, then i was botting combat on guards with a free script and let it run a couple hours overnight to wake up to a ban......


usually I always babysit the bots this time i didn't , was i flagged ip? how do i get that remove/changed? should i just buy a proxy for a personal account if i want to play legit/bot 2-4 hours a day? 


would like some insight on what steps/precautions to take nextt..... thanks

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I hate to say it.. But "premium scripts" doesn't hold the same weight it used to. They're great - much better than free, but previously what you could get away with on free scripts is what you can on premium scripts now.. JaGeX is getting good at detecting - and it only takes a few bans until they can lock down a script. Back in the day, premium scripts were untouchable, free were sketchy. Now free are insta-dead, premium are sketchy, and private are untouchable.


It's the dawn of a new age..

Some of the premium scripts like the hunter one I use has the most insane anti-ban, and I've yet to catch a ban on it - however, any multi-user script is eventually toast unless botted intelligently.


Best wishes,


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