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[Discussion]Any one else experience this? [Mirror Mode]

Cookie Monstaaa

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Hi all the Osbot community,

                                          I am writing this thread today to discuss a little about the mirror mode that the dev's have done a amazing job on!. So recently i am a new member of your botting community and i have been sent here by a very good friend the scripts are amazing especially "SHOUT OUT CZAR", but recently when ive been using the break handler in osbot, it didn't seem to work at first it would log and it would stay logged, but today now i have a fancy looking message informing me of my breaks which is very nice i must say!.


But has any one else experienced this with the new mirror mode and certain scripts?


Let me know!


Thanks! <3

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No i didnt have this problem before.

Can remember that one guy had the problem the break handler didnt work, try to following:


Delete the Osbot folder (you can find it @ C:/users/yourusername/osbot) with all its components, delete the osbot.jar, download the osbot.jar again from the site.

And try again :D!


Worked for the other guy.


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