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Hiring 1-2 People for Questing services!


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Hello everyone.


I am currently hiring workers for my questing services. If you have a talent that I currently do not offer (firecapes, skilling, etc) please apply to, I am looking to expand my services!


What I am looking for:

Players who are ready to put in a decent amount of time for orders.

Quest experience

People who enjoy "being your own boss"

Players who diversify in skill sets.



Forum feedback (at least 5+)

Fast customer response time

No TWC or Offsite bans


What do I need to apply?:

A 10M deposit fee (this is to fish out scammers and is refundable(see below))



* Once you accept an order you must finish it, if you don't finish it you will not receive payment.

* You must put in a 10M deposit fee in order to be accepted.

* The deposit fee is refundable IF you leave on good terms with me, scamming a customer or breaking a T.O.S. rule will void your refund.

* I can deny you even if you want to pay the deposit.

* You must be respectful to ALL customers, this can result in a kick or soft-ban depending on the situation.

* A 15% fee will be taken out of the first few orders you do, this will go down to 10% after you have shown dedication.


Application (please copy/paste):

How often are you available?


What is your timezone?


What is your skype?


Do you agree to the T.O.S.?



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