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So I am banned, but I can still play!


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So has anyone ever encountered this before? it clearly says I am banned however I can still log in and play? I never tried to appeal my banned or anything, and the account was banned for a long time. Then out of the blue one day, I try to log in and I can! 


Any explanations? 

  has Jagex blessed me? 



Just really confused.. 

 No email or anything like that what so ever. 


 I have been botting on it a lot just to see if I can get caught, been almost a month of consistent botting and nothing yet.. pretty interesting stuff. 



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Lol, it was a 2 day ban that EXPIRES in a years time... meaning it's like a ticket, you did your 2 day time, but it's still on your record. 


your account is basically fucked now, your gonna get banned. they normally watch them, its like getting caught for DUI's the cops are gonna watch you the second time

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