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Blowpipe vs Chinning


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I'm roughly 80 k away from 85 range, i'm getting around 95 k range xp per hour, using prayer potions and ancient mace. For blowpipe i'm using steel darts. I spend almost 400 k per hour just on scales, but after selling pure ess and herbs, i only lose around 200 k. I want to get to 90 range, should i start chinning? or should i just stick with my blowpipe, which is better?

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Definately blowpipe. At 85 range you only get 150-200k xp/hr, and I just looked at the price for red chins... 1350ea... fuck no. Maybe if they were 650-800ea, but you're better off investing that money elsewhere. Just to get an idea you use 1200 chins/hr, so 1620k/hr. Even if you had 99 range getting 300k xp/hr it's still 5gp/xp. Blowpipe definately unless you feel like wasting money :P

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