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Pricecheck Void PKer/Zulrah Account


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83 ranged.

71 magic. 

52 prayer.

42 defense.


75 combat, so it's around the same level as 1 defense pures

Capable of hitting 70+ damage dbow specs and 40+ dragon bolt specs.


Various non-combat skills in the 50's, such as Slayer, crafting, mining, fletching.



Fire Cape

Full void range+mage

Full Slayer Helmet (i)

Completed god books - Bandos, Armadyl, Saradomin, Guthix



58 quest points.

Monkey Madness completed far enough to be able to chin skeletons.

Grand Tree

Tree gnome village

Holy Grail

Merlins crystal

Fight arena


A few more irrelevant ones you don't care about or need to know.


I started working towards the Lunar Diplomacy requirements but got bored.

Rather play on a high-level PVMing account.


Would make an ideal zulrah runner after a wee bit of questing.

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