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Almost maxed main 124 combat, almost 1900 total, all hard diaries, 2 pets, 2 mutagens, 246 qp


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Almost maxed main with a lot of great stats, untradeables, and all quests completed!









Account has barrows gloves, a lot of fire capes, both mutagens from Zulrah, Jad pet, Zulrah pet, Zamorak and Ancient book all pages filled, hunter's honour from bounty hunter, almost enough tokkul for an onyx, elite void with all 3 helmets, berserker and archer ring imbued, quest cape, 3 skill capes (strength, hitpoints, and defence), all hard diaries reward clothing, abyssal tentacle, dragon defender, anchor, rune pouch, salve amulet (ei), slayer helmet (i), and all 3 crystal weapons/armour (bow, halberd, shield all imbued).






Bank value:





Appromixately 237m, 164m cash and the rest in a lot of rune, potions, barrows, food etc.


Quest points:




Every quest in the game completed


Ban status:




Never been banned before, temporary or permanent


Great account with loads of great stuff to it, not accepting rsgp or bit coin, just normal money.

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