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I got ban on h1z1 3 days ago but it says im suspended when i log into thier website. it says ill be emailed of what ive done wrong havent had email been 3 days ive made a new account etc sent in a ticket 3 days ago how long does it take normaly for a replie ive tryed thier fourms tryed tweeting nothing


i also heard if your banned u get a  HWID ban is thier anyway around this or do i need to buy a new computer part. and if i do can i buy it for an all in one pc?

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i disagree speed hacking is harmless i belive just gets me  to where i want faster only problem is people cant kill me lol 


cheating is on everygame speeding hacking doesnt profit me irl in anyway ohwels i guss ill delete unstall change ip rebuy it if that works


yeah cheating is on every game, i'm not against cheating... we're on a cheating site after all

but saying speed hacking is harmless? nah. i assume you kill people while using the speed hack? taking the fun away from legit people bruh. fairplay to you, if youre using the speed hack on PvE though. wink.png

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was using speed hack to get to people in battle royals to make it more fun


so you were benefiting from using the speed hack? allowing you to potentially win more battle royals. more fun for you, but not others... harmless? ;)



hahahha im jk with you. idc if you hack or not. there's loads of people or at least were that cheated on h1 when i used to play. don't blame you for resulting in hacking too. 

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