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Adding guideline in Photoshop


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    Guidelines help you position images or elements precisely. Guideline appear as nonprinting lines that float over the image. You can move and remove. You can also lock them so that you don’t move them by accident.




Before adding guideline

    You have to add Rulers so go to 

        View -> Rulers  or  CTRL+R


Two ways of adding guideline


   There is two ways of adding guideline, "the fast way" and "the precise way"

   Try to avoid "the precise way", it takes to much time.


   "The fast way" is by holding down vertical or horizontal ruler and dragging it out to the content.





"the precise way" is by going to 

    View -> New Guide...




Guideline color

   If you want to change the color go to

      Edit -> Preference  -> Guide & Grids & Slices   or  CTRL+K ->  Guide & Grids & Slices


Changing Ruler unit

   Right click on the ruler and then choose a unit  or go to CTRL+K -> Units & Rulers



Hidding Guideline

  View -> Show->Guides (Uncheck)


Locking all the guidelines

  View -> Lock Guides

 You lock them because you don't want to select them while working 


Removing a Guideline

CTRL+Z or  click on the guideline and drag it out of the window


Example of guidelines




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