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Disputed member:http://osbot.org/forum/user/56902-somic/

Thread Link: he MUST of changed his skype in his thread, http://osbot.org/forum/topic/72988-%E2%99%9Bbest-rates%E2%99%9B-beating-competitors-sponsor-selling-cheapest-rs3-gold-ppskrillukbt-and-more/?view=findpost&p=807917

Explanation: this user is using 2 skypes, one to send the money to and then logs on his main skype to say ive been talking to an imposter. he wanted me to send even more for 1b...

Evidence: http://gyazo.com/f9fee680d36ac8ac47fe25cad83104d2







THEN he added me on his MAIN skype and claimed that i was an imposter linking me some random shit from skype?

as you can see, as soon as i sent the gold he added me... 

and you can also see the PM he's sent me on osb  whilst i was talking to the 'imposter' skype... this guy is a joke


payment: http://gyazo.com/9d75c0ad0d881ce6c43681cc5d6eedb6








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I made the user aware of the dispute and placed him into TWC as a pre caution.

@Somic has 24h to response.


Could you in the meantime please provide me 2 screenshots of his 2 skype profiles, where his skypename is visible?







hes making it out as if i've added an imposter skype.

and someone has added his 'main' skype and pmed him saying pm me on osbot and linked my osbot account. and he is saying that why he pmed me at exactly the moment i was doing the transaction?

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So what I can say. He added an imposter and got scammed. How did he get my pm? Here the proofs:

Got an skype request from guy who were looking to buy 500m rs3 gold. he claimed that he got 300+ fb on osbot. 


I said him that im out of stock in Rs3 gold. Then he said that he will buy 07 gold equivalent to rs3.

We didnt talked about the price or anything, he were in rush. So i realized that something is wrong here. I came on jacks27 (thats the profile with 300+ fb) profile and searched for his skype.
I couldnt find his skype on osbot profile, so i sent pm by asking "Hello, give me your skype"? To add him  and ask if hes not talking with imposters. After that i looked up in his topics (http://osbot.org/forum/topic/73315-website-design/#entry811268)and found his skype there. 


So i added the real one jackc27. Here is our convo:

http://gyazo.com/4ae37b6cddf44feb97ae53a613fd76dc (in chat picture i gave him this gyazo: http://gyazo.com/b8e3fd519d9ccd6cec712571a5c19912 )






There is all conversations. So member jackc27 added an imposter (live.somicgold) not the real (live:somicgold) and didnt right clicked on profile to make sure hes talking with the real one. Now claiming that I scamed him, by creating all these skypes which is not true. I own only live:somicgold



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After some more intense research from @Dex we were finally able to connect the imposters skype with @Somic.

He used the skype to message himself to let it seem that he has an impostere and then he sent a PM to claim that someone told him that it was their profile. 


Fortunately @Somic logged on both skype's via the same VPN which finally gave us the opportunity to connect his accounts.


Thank you for the report , the member is banned!

And thank you #Detective@Dex for the perfect research!


Dispute closed.

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