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Unable to start scripts V2

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I posted this yesterday and reinstalling my java solved the issue, but it returned after an hour or so.

The original post was locked and I've just attempted to re-post it, but it didn't work so if there's a duplicate of this I apologize. 


Up until now the client's been running smoothly for me, but after the 2.3.68 update I ran into a few problems.

This isn't on the Mirrored client.


When I try and select a script from the selector, it freezes for 15-30 seconds before it becomes responsive again.

After waiting, I press 'Start' on a script and the client fully freezes and the screen turns grey.

The only way to get out of it after this point is to end task.


The script I am trying to run is Diclonius MTA.


Any ideas lads/ladies?


Benzie out.

EDIT: Some scripts run but only for a short period of time.
Could the problem reside in the MTA script?
RE-EDIT: I've tried all the obvious fixes, reinstalling java, reinstalling the client, restarting my PC. 
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