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Fearful`s Guthans 70 Account Shop

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Fearful`s Guthans 70 Account Shop


These accounts will be 15M

You will pay for the bond to start the account.


The finished result will be 70/70/70 unless requested add-ons


Current Order

1.@Pink Clay

2. Empty



Account Add-ons

Lost City Package with woodcutting and crafting included

Monkey Madness Package (Tree gnome village , Grand Tree and Monkey Madness)



Refunds will not be given if the service has been completed.

We are not responsible for any bans/mutes that happen after the service.

If you trade an imposter that is your responsibility.

We have the right to refuse business to anyone. 

If the order was not completed the buyer has the right to a full refund.

The person buying may have his terms of service but these override any of them.

You agree to not log in to your account until the service is completed.

You agree to provide your log in details and or bank pin if required to complete the service.

You agree not to change your password during the service if you do so the service will be marked as completed.

Updates can be given upon request and we will tell you once the service has been completed.

You agree that you have all the items on the account to complete the service.

If the service is completed you are required to give feedback.

Posting on this thread means you automatically acknowledge all of these terms of service. 

The service fees will be collected before the service starts.

Held responsible if a ban happens on a service which was requested legit.


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