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[BTC] Buying 7M OSRS GP with Bitcoins ($2.55/M)


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I don't have public skype, please come to the chatbox


2.5M bought, still looking for 4.5M. I didn't account for the transactions fees initially so I can only offer 44.8mBTC (that's around $0.06 less) for the 4.5M. Or we can account for it and only do a deal of 4.48M.


If you still need this gold, I can provide you with 7m osrs for 2.55$/m if you have a high level account to trade with.


If you're willing to send the remaining 4.5M, the payment is fine via BTC, hit me up. The account I'll be trading with is my main so it'll be decent leveled.

EDIT: Bought the remaining 4.5M from Road_To_1M. Not needing any more atm. smile.png

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