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I've been browsing around a good bit at different services and threads just to see how everyone runs things here. I'm pretty interested in getting back into services after a long break (2009/10 vet on another big botting website). I am very active on here and on runescape and can be available at all times of the day to complete services.


At this time I am looking to work on Quests, Small Powerleveling, Pest Control, and Barbarian Assault...(No Firecapes). All of my work will be hand done or done by whatever method is requested/required by the service.


Please send me a PM on here if you have a spot open for your service. I will PM you back my skype and can link my profile to the other botting website I'm an 09/10 vet on with a decent amount of feedback (Along with a PM from that account if you would like). I am not opposed to paying a fee to join your service, but if charging 5m+ it will need to be a very reputable service.


Thank you.

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