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Muffins Appeal

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Your Profile: Muffins or Swagmuffin
Banned by: Basic
Why were you banned: Scamming
Explanation: Long story short i quit using po******t, the site offered nothing more to me, and i rarely used anything on it, just mainly got feedbacks on it from buying/selling from other sites i.e. "vouch here and here pls ty". I had no intentions on doing it on OSBot. The user I scammed was a ban evader and after he made the report on me, he was banned. After that, Someone told basic about it and I was banned, not sure if he made a thread about it. And now Basic is banned. After speaking to Dex, I tried to contact the user about a refund to get unbanned, but the user has had no response in almost 24 hours and his Skype is, and has been set to "offline" and call forwarding for the time i have seen it after the scam occurred.


Proof: http://gyazo.com/f5ca6360cac94aaed59b876404c4b474


I know I don't deserve an unban because what I did makes me no better than him. I just would like to come back to the community I have been on the longest and be able to trade/talk to people in the chatbox, I miss helping people and talking to them, and just the daily banter we all do. Like I said earlier, I had no intention to scam on here. Being put into the TWC group (or maybe even not?) would be fine with me. No troubles using a MM in the future for any trades or transactions.


Thank you for reading and enjoy your weekend.


-Muffins :)

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