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Battle Royale on Minecraft Server, as seen on Arma III and H1Z1!

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Hello, me and my very talented team of developers have taken on the task of making a Minecraft Battle Royale Server. You may have heard of Battle Royale in such games as H1Z1 and Arma III. Battle Royale is a very fast paced survival gamemode. You will parachute into a map and be in a massive free for all. While you are looking for armour and weapons to win the game the map border will constantly be shrinking pushing you towards eachother in the middle where you will have to fight to the death to be victorious. Our aim is to not only make a great Battle Royale server but add content that will aim to please our players. Our community will have a big part in updates and helping us develop our game. We will listen to every member and we value the players opinions. We are not yet released, but we are working very hard to finish up our job. We are looking for Beta testers that will play on our server and report bugs. This will be more like an early access than a bug hunt. Early access players will be given cool cosmetics when the server goes live. We hope to see you there! Sign up to beta test here: http://battleroyalemc.weebly.com/
I will reply to any question you may have so go ahead and ask away!


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H1Z1-Battle Royale = VERY FUN


If you're into survival games I'd suggest grabbing it, but it will be free in a few more months I believe.


I'm not into minecraft one bit, but best of luck to you and your development. 

I actually own H1Z1 and play BR, since Battle Royale is going to cost $7 per month to play very soon we have decided to make a free alternative!

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