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My results thus far.


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Mirror Client Version: v1.03

Scripts used: vFighter and Khal's Tutorial Island
JVM/Browser bit version: Chrome 64 bit, Internet Explorer 64 bit, Mozilla Firefox 64 bit (some don't come with 64 bit, but I tried implementing them anyway)


I've followed the developer's instructions, and I've followed other user instructions. I've also made sure both the Java versions of the web browser and OSbot client are the same (64 bit). I've even tried different web browsers, also with matching Java versions. Everything is up to date.

I open a tab with Runescape log in screen, nice and fresh. I run OSbot in mirror mode. Then I add a bot. And here are the different results, ranked by the frequency of this particular result out of 30 to 40 or so tries:

1. The Runescape client log in screen on my browser disappears completely, or is just white. The background remains. OSbot says "Loading hooks..." forever until it says error. This happens the most often.

2. The Runescape client log in screen freezes as is. OSbot says "Loading hooks..." for an indefinite amount of time. Also very often.

3. The Runescape client log in screen finally appears on the OSbot screen. Sometimes it just freezes right there, and some times it enters log-in information and loads indefinitely, never actually making it to the actual game world. Very, very rare.

4. The Runescape client log in screen finally appears on the OSbot screen and it finally makes it into the game world, but freezes almost instantly. Have only ever gotten this close ONCE. 

Of all these, I haven't gotten a single crash report. Just freezes and nothing happens. The rest of the web browser works, though, just not the tab where the Runescape client is run. Any suggestions would be much appreciated, as I just bought VIP for the mirror client, and nothing good has ever come since.

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