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Thinking about trading my truck in...

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I've been thinking for the past few weeks that I want a nice fast car.. 

My truck I have now is running a 12/sec quarter.. But the diesel fuel is getting higher and higher..


So I was thinking about a Audi S4 B7



Car is all stock, but obviously I'd tune it & basic bolt-ons to run almost 460awhp.


Thoughts to you car people?

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Audi, BMW and Mercedes three of them are nicely done, it just depends on what you like, if you like sport go audi or bmw but if you are a gentleman go for a merc just look at this one http://gyazo.com/257267b51b5aeb6514ba2cf1a8bfc492


On my country  BMW = kids that like fast cars

                         Audi= senior that like fast cars

                         Merc= Gentleman 


or well if money is not a problem you can go for a Merc Brabus which combines class and speed: http://gyazo.com/915e6602d523ec9fee8a8e3456e55efe

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