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Old account recovery?

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I had an old account i used to play on and i gave it to my friend on skype so we could twin dbow rush. when i gave him the original email adress he changed the registered to a different one. when i tried to recover it today (because i wanted to make it a zerk) it wouldn't let me. help?

I have the original email adress too btw. id ask my skype friend for the email he put it on but he hasen't been online in months ;/


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Email jagex on their contact email.. And enter old recovery info... example:


1. First pet?.. so on 


Then put first 3 passwords on account..

Original email and that's it. 


They should reply with a link to reset password..

ive tryed this before but they have denied me access to my own account that i had forgot login on and havent used for a while.... it doesnt always work, sometimes they denies u access..its fkd 

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Send them a ticket saying your account got recovered, you seem to own everything so they should accept your request, remove the email send you a manual recovery form.

Recover the account through the form, inform your friend you've changed the password because this is the only way since he wasn't online in forever.

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