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DOTA2 - Level progression

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I will try to keep this thread updated every once in a while.

My goal is to reach level 100 on DOTA2, I only have a screenshot since lvl 68 as i didn't bother to do this before that.

Since ranked matchmaking has been released, I have had a shitscore i was a long time around 2300, I want to reach 4000.

Currently I am at 2800 and i win/lose everytime so it takes alot of effort to play daily 10+ games.



My dotabuff: http://dotabuff.com/players/120735489


This goal can take up to 5 months or more, depending on how much time i have.

You get around 70 battlepoints per game, and games can take from 20 minutes to 1 and a half hour.






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